i should be studying

Do people with low self esteem ever get over it? …Because I think I hate myself about the same, if not, more than before… but I think it’s because I was in a low place to begin with… had some promise and things picked up, people believed in me… then when I go back to the start, I seem like a failure (especially to myself).

I’m 20, I have a new boyfriend that constantly compliments me and makes me feel loved… ill admit that I do honestly feel comfortable around him – comfortable enough not to wear makeup 24/7 and that shit… but I do get paranoid that he is messaging other girls or that other girls are sending him nudes ..

My ex cheated on me when he was overseas on holiday……. With a prostitute…. Unprotected ………(im clean – i checked)

So I do have quite a few trust issues – with men especially.


My current boyfriend Rhys lives in London… I live in Australia. We skype a lot so communication wont be a major issue… it’s just that you never know what they’re doing…if they’re being honest with you and shit.


I am really stressed with university because I have left a lot of assignments to the last minute and I have failed 2 so far (didn’t attempt them)… meaning that the pressure to pass all of the assessments is ridiculous.


I am wasting my time here when I should be doing an assignment.


Maybe all of this stress will help me lose weight >:)